Friday, 11 April 2008

The MBH-Sigma relation in the last six billion years

Figure 2 from Woo et al., astro-ph 0804.0235

The M_BH-sigma relation of active galaxies.
Left panel: local Seyferts with sigma from Greene & Ho (2006) and our own M_BH estimates consistently calibrated with our estimates for distant samples (black circles); local Seyferts with M_BH, measured via reverberation mapping (Onken et al. 2004; magenta circles)
Right panel: new measurements at z=0.57 (red stars); Seyfert galaxies at z=0.36 from our earlier work (blue circles). The local relationship of quiescent galaxies (Tremaine et al. 2002; black points) are shown for comparison as a solid (Tremaine et al. 2002) and dashed (Ferrarese & Ford 2005) line.

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