Friday, 10 October 2008

Reconstruction of a z=3.07 lensed galaxy

from Stark et al.,

This Nature paper describes integral field (OSIRIS on Keck) observations of a strongly lensed z=3.07 Lyman break galaxy. With AO corrections and the high magnification, these observations provide an effective physical resolution of 150 kpc. This figure shows (a) the reconstructed HST image with the lensing caustic overlaid, (b) [OIII] and Hbeta emission (bluescale and contours respectively), (c) velocity field and best-fit disk model, (d) [OIII] velocity dispersion, (e-h) 1-d profiles of the left panels taken along the "slit" shown in panel (d). The velocity field is well-fit by a disk model, so the authors conclude that this is a disk galaxy with v_r=67 km/s and M=2e9 Msun. However, the central velocity dispersion is large (v/sigma=1.2), so it's most likely still at an early stage of formation.

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