Friday, 10 September 2010

In 1009.1619 Nilsson et al ('Stellar populations of z=1 LBGs from ACS slitless grism spectra') the authors perform sliless spectroscopy on a small sample of z~1 LBGs and perform SED fitting on these. They compare the SED fitting results to broadband photometry SED fitting and find that the addition of slitless (high S/N, low spectral resolution) spectroscopy helps greatly in narrowing the allowed range of solutions of the stellar population.

The stellar populations are very well fit by a single SSP or by a continuous SFR, a second SSP has a best fit mass of ~0. Stellar masses, ages and extinction are very well constrained (~10^10 Msun, few-few tens of Myrs, 0.5-2 mag A_V), but the metallicity is not constrained at all.

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